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Welcome to Travel and Transitions!

Unconventional Travel Ideas and First-Person Stories to Help You Explore the World

Just launched: our first international Travel Photo Contest! Submit your favourite travel photos, win great prizes, share your passion for travel!

Travel and Transitions is your website for unconventional travel, cross-cultural connections and a new way to live. We feature hundreds of articles about interesting destinations, historic and unique accommodation providers, active and learning travel options, memorable travel experiences and useful practical travel tips. Meet interesting and inspiring personalities through our Interviews.

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Susanne "SQ" Pacher, passionate travel nut & recent winner of 2 CEMA Awards

This site is continuously updated and new content is added all the time. To see all the new content, check out What's New.

The motto of this site is "Life is a Journey - Explore New Horizons". Over the last couple of years I realized that there is more to life than work. And I finally figured out that travel is one of my true passions in life.

So I decided to pursue my dream and create a website about travel, travel in a broader sense. Travel in the sense of exploration, learning and life experiences, abroad and at home. So while the majority of this website deals with travel to foreign countries and is chock full of advice, tips, real life travel experiences, interviews with travellers etc. you will also find stories about life and transitions that we face as we go through our life-long journey. Many of the articles and interviews on this site feature people and organizations that make a difference, locally and abroad.

As far as travel is concerned, the focus will be on "travelling with a twist": any sort of travel that has a unique, often unconventional angle to it. You will also find stories of unusual adventures, local explorations, unique accommodation options and all sorts of ideas for travel that is not just run of the mill. My articles often focus on the people behind the destinations, because it's the people who make a travel experience special. I frequently interview travel entrepreneurs, from restaurant owners, to bed and breakfast operators, to hotel staff to tour guides and local experts. Cross-cultural connections and insights are of particular interest to me, and one of my goals is to promote travel as a tool to open our minds and to help break down barriers and build greater understanding between people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The purpose of this site is to inspire and give you the resources to explore new horizons, to get out there and discover the world - locally and abroad, connect with people from other cultures and open yourself up to new experiences. Here is a brief overview of what you'll find on this site:

Our Travel Tips and Info section will give you valuable advice on how to save on travel, write-ups of specific travel destinations. Get advice on all sorts of topics such as how to find cheap nice places to stay in New York City for under $100/night or how to book a language study trip abroad. In our Travel Stories and Photo Section you will find real-life travel stories, many of them live travelogues written by me personally in my different travels, but in the future you will also find travel experiences shared by other travellers. Stories are interspersed with travel photos that will make you dream about far-away places.
Our Regional Travel Guides provide concise country information with valuable links to local tourism resources and relevant travel books to prepare you for your next trip. In the Insights and Reflections areas I share my personal thougts and reflections about travel and life in general. In addition, I chronicle my own personal journey into the exciting realm of internet publishing.
In our Interview section you will find interviews with travel industry experts, experienced travellers and all sorts of other interesting human beings who have ventured out and pursued their own paths of discovery. In the near future we will start to run Story and Photo contests where you can win great travel prizes for submitting your own travel stories or travel photos.
Get an overview of how this site came into being as a result of one person's early midlife crisis. Some people get a Porsche, I got myself a website. Check out who's behind this site.
In the Useful Travel Resources section you will find links to websites that have been collected based on specific topics, etc. travel agencies, accommodation, live-study-work-volunteer abroad, travel & work, specialty travel, travel for women/singles/seniors, etc.

In our Canuck Corner you can read Canadian-specific content, information about Canadian destinations, events, personal views etc. Our brand-new section on Cool Women will give you profiles of and interviews with cool women, including travellers, travel experts, writers, entrepeneurs, and regular women who have done some cool stuff.

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